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Why Do Cats Always Go Towards People Who Ignore Them?

Cats always seem to sniff out the people who least want them around. We’ve all had company over where one person is allergic to cats, and that’s who the cat beelines towards. Why?

It’s not because cats are malicious and want people to cough and sneeze, although it’s amusing to think so. Cats are intimidated by eye contact. People staring at them makes them nervous.

In humans, eye contact is considered part of communication. Cats, on the other hand, view direct eye contact for extended periods of time as threatening. If you have a good relationship with your cat (and you should!) try getting your cats attention. It’ll glance at you, and then look at something else. It’s not because your cat is ignoring you, it’s because it trusts you enough to not have to stare.
Have you ever noticed that your cat pays the most attention to you when you’re busy, and the least when you actually want to play with it? It’s not because cats demand attention on their own time, it’s because you not looking at it makes the cat feel that you trust it.

How does this draw cats towards people who are allergic to them? The cat enters the room, and all the cat lovers stare at it, hoping that kitty will come play with them. The one allergic person, on the other hand, tries to ignore the cat in the hopes that it will ignore them as well.

Of course, the cat sees this person as the least threatening of all and goes right towards them, making their allergies go crazy.


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