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Perks of Being a Cat Owner

Cats are naturally mischievous animals and very adorable creatures. If you own a cat, you will have a cuddle buddy who most of the time will annoy you throughout the day. Their playful personality makes them even more charming than other pets. They have this naughty side where in they will just jump right in front of you out of nowhere and you will scream your lungs out of surprise. But you still love them anyway. You think they are just so irresistible. Adopting a cat is like having a new member in the family ! The chat libre organization is a well know organization for adopting a cat !

They are amazingly fluffy. You even wonder why you like their smell. Every time they sit on your lap, you will never want to move an inch, so they won’t wake up. You just love pinching their body and playing with them like they are some stuffed toys you collect.

You will spend for cat stuff. Cat owners won’t let their cats roam around “naked”. Pet stores keep calling them out to check out some cute stuff for their cats. They love buying them pet supplies and go pet shopping for new accessories. For cat owners, it is more important to dress up their lovely cats today and just worry about expenses later.

They are weird but you think it’s cute. Cats tend to be really moody sometimes. They have a stand-offish attitude one second and then will get clingy after a while. They hate bath water but love getting wet in the sink. They even try to talk to you with just a meow, and you’ll try to answer back by saying a meow too. Then you laugh at yourself after realizing you’re even weirder than cats. They are also undeniably clever. You know how dogs sit on the corner and wait for its food, but cats don’t do that. They’ll surely jump at you and share on your meal. You love them anyway.

Cats are given nicknames. They’re very sweet animals and cat owners don’t just call them “my cat”. They actually treat their pets as their own children and even call them babies. They can even come up with nicknames from a – z but can’t even decide what to choose out of all those nicknames.

You love taking pictures with them. Who wouldn’t if all you can see are their cute little faces? Cat owners reserve a photo album for their cats’ pictures on their phone’s gallery. They even pose like a cat – sometimes.

You want to adopt every stray cat you see on the street. You have a bunch of cats at home, but you still want more. You even wish to build a shelter for stray cats because you know you can’t take them home with you. But then when you get home you’ll realize you could have taken them out to a rescue shelter instead.

You leave a space on your bed for your cat. You treat each other as pillows and you love waking up with a sweet meow in the morning.It is because for cat lovers, their cats are the best sleeping buddies.


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