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All About Ragdoll cats

Ragdoll cats  are beautiful cats and you’re right, they are very placid, and docile and very lovable. They are a newer breed of the house cat family Taking good care of them is very important to their well being. They are a truly amazing and unique cat breed which have charmed many cat lovers. They are also one of the biggest house cat breeds. Ragdoll cats are docile and well balanced, calm and charming.

Ragdoll cats are sometime called lap cats, and this is therefore very true. They are low maintenance cats. They are one of the least aggressive cats and are always calm, loving and friendly. Rag doll cats are almost totally immune to allergies.

Ragdoll cats love to follow you around, like most other breed of cats. They are gentle and very beautiful and obedient pets. They are well-known by the majority of people who love felines, generally for numerous reasons. They are notoriously sociable creatures and usually require much more attention than other breeds. Ragdoll cats are considered the loveliest animals to have as pets.

Ragdoll cats are mostly always white with different shades of colors towards the extremities like the ears, tail and paws. As far as their health is concerned, They are prone to conditions like gum diseases. Ragdolls are large, big boned, alert, intelligent, and affectionate. Yet are extremely easy going, docile, non-aggressive cats, they love children. They are large, laid-back, semi longhaired cats with captivating blue eyes.

Ragdolls are exactly what you would picture them to be…loving and playful. They are slowmaturing, reaching full coat color at two years old, and reach their full size and weight at four. They are loving and patient cats, you can drape them over your arm like rag dolls, thats where they got their name from. They are incredibly docile, and as laconic as their name suggests. Ragdolls are adorable and beautifull pets to have at home and to include in your family albums. They seems proud and seem to know how cute they are by their royal look!

Ragdolls are famous for their personality, friendly to kids and strangers. They are not only sweet and loving, but also very smart. They are also incredibly easy to train, especially if you take your time and show them love. They will capture your heart and I hope you get to experience their love and devotion. Ragdolls are the cat for you if you want fun and loving cats with very distinct personalities.

Ragdolls aren’t a demanding breed and are not regarded as vocal cats like Siamese. They are a relatively new breed, developed in the early 1960s in North America. They were recognised as a new breed in the United States only in 1967 and in Australia only around 1990. Some are bicolored have colored fur on their upper bodies. Ragdolls are easy to take care of and even though they have lots of hair they shed very little.

Ragdolls are an excellent choice of family pets. They are also often referred to as ‘apartment cats’ and don’t require to go outdoor like other breeds of cats, the indoor life suit them just fine! Once every year they will moult heavily and during that short period will require grooming daily. Ragdolls are longhair and do need to be combed once or twice a week.

Ragdolls will acclimatise themselves fairly easily to a new place, even one that does have both children and other animals. Ragdoll kittens are slow-maturing, they are also very lovely and playfull. They are a favorite among many breeds of cats because of their timid temperament and beautifull fur and charming blue eyes. One of my close friend had a Ragdoll cat with one green eye and one blue eye. He loved that cat! They are best kept indoors to protect them from the outside dangers, for the simple reason that they are too docile and harmless.

They could get injured very easily by other animals, or adults who hate cats. They just thrust and love humans and other animals too much. That may render them defenseless in case of eminent dangers. But that’s the expert opinions. On our farm ragdoll cats were free, they went outside and they still remained cleaned and healthy, none were ever harmed by other animals. After all they are cats, and fairly big cats at that! I woudn’t worry too much about letting them out once in a while. But yes someone may be tempted to steal them! I would surely keep the kitten inside! Ragdoll Kittens Kittens are so adorable. They love to play and jog with kids and jump on each other for the shear joy of life


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