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Small Pets For Kids – RabbitsSmall Pets For Kids – Rabbits

Rabbits make good small pets for kids. They are cute and cuddly, and if you get one of the smaller breeds, just the right size for kids to handle.

There are a few small breeds that make great small pets for kids. My favorite is the Holland Lop, but there are others like; Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Jersey Wooley, and Lion’s Mane. All of these smaller breeds are great. The rabbits are just big enough for children to cuddle, but not so big that they can’t pick them up.

Rabbits are also easy to find. You can access a ton of breeders “rabbitry”, online. They usually have pictures of the rabbits they have and which they are selling. You can usually find rabbits at a county fair too. Most times even if they don’t have any to sell themselves, breeders at the fair can usually tell you who does and how to get in touch with them.

Having a bunny at the fair might also be something you consider for your child. There are local 4H groups that allow children to show animals. This gives your child the chance to show off their pet even if they don’t win a ribbon.

Rabbits are also fairly easy to take care of once you know what they need. There are a number of rabbit guides out there that can help with this. This page has some great tips and a list of things your pet rabbit would need.

While I wouldn’t recommend a rabbit for a toddler, any child over the age of 5 would probably enjoy a bunny. I think bunnies make great small pets for kids, and if you like the idea; check out the page. Happy bunny shopping!


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